HAC participated in the 2018 China International Exhibition on Gas and Heating Technology and Equipment
Column:Company News Time:2018-11-22

The "2018 (21st) China International Gas, Heating Technology and Equipment Exhibition" hosted by China City Gas Association will be held at Hangzhou International Expo Center from October 29th to 31st, 2018 (Hangzhou Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou) No. 353, Benjing Avenue, Jiangchengcheng). The exhibition has been held for 20 consecutive times under the guidance and strong support of the relevant national authorities. The “GAS CHINA” exhibition brand enjoys a high reputation in the industry and has been recognized by foreign gas industry colleagues and has become the scale of the domestic gas industry. The largest comprehensive professional exhibition. During the exhibition, it coincided with the 8th Congress of China City Gas Association and the “2018 Asia Western Pacific Gas Information Exchange Conference” held in Hangzhou. Domestic and foreign gas industry professionals gathered together.

Cooperate with Hangzhou to explore the development direction of the gas industry.

Shenzhen HAC Communication Technology Co., Ltd. Booth: D78

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Exhibition location: Hangzhou International Expo Center (1A, 1B, 1C, 1D showroom)

Visit time: October 29-31 9:00-16:30 (31:00:12:00)