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HAC-MT-S meter reading terminal

HAC-MT-S combines the function of data collection, antimagnetic, tamper device,hard off line, voltage detection,still measure when power down. 
Use for reed switch,hoare, direct reading (customized)
Double or four reed switches are viable(customized)
Lithium thionyl chloride batteries with 3.6Ah and SuperCapacitor, 
Power cable with 6 pins
Installed spring antenna
Waterproof case, sealed by adhesive inside
Operating life:8years
Temperature range: -20℃~60℃
Tamper device need offer ball switch sensor

Technical parameters
The transmission distance bitwin concentrator and repeater is 2000m.
Frequency: 470~495MHz;
Bandwidth: 50KHz
Communication: Receipt &Transmission
Transmitted power: 15dBm(30mW)
Emission current: ≤70mA
Reception current: ≤25mA
Dormant current: ≤8μA
Average Power consumption:≤25μA